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February 11th 1999

Once again the crag has been visited by our friend Alister and he has come up with a few suggestions that are open to public discusion, ie please feel free to comment.

1/ Big Bitch might be a easy for the grade as apparently there was a big hold at a crucial spot Kevin and I missed, if people agree/disagree let me know.

2/ Xylazong should get a star in the guide book. ie One to try.

3/ This day all gods die might be graded to easy. As I told Alister I pretty much had the climbed wired once I got it, so this could be so, as its hard to grade something you have tried half a dozen times. Could possibly be a 19.

4/ Connect the god damn dots could be graded a bit high, personally I think its an 18 but then again I find all slabs hard.

Once again thanks for Alisters comments, they are very helpful, and I like to say glad you liked the 6 km walk in, maybe it time to buy a 4wd :)

January 30th 1999

With the start of a new year hopefully Crag X will see some visitation by eager climbers wishing to throw themselves at the new routes. Anyone who does and has some comments about the crag or grades etc please contact Rod at
Speaking of this news from a guy named Alister states that the road in is a bit rough so keep this in mind if your going in. (It could have been due to the fact that he drives a 86 Pulsar, but then again the recent rain could have had something to do with it.)
Also from Alister are the following points:

1/ There is no tag on the project next to Jessie's name day and I would like to point out that it is STILL a project so please stay off.

2/ The mantle/crux on Jessie's Name Day seemed a bit hard at a grade 16. I have to admit that I haven't climbed it for ages so if someone gives it ago let me know what they think.

3/ A few holds have come off Mr Self Destruct near the fourth bolt, but according to Alister it hasn't changed the grade. I would just like to point out that most of the climbs have had few repeats so there could be some lose rock that we missed.
Thanks Alister for the info.

April 17th 1999
With the big Escalade weekend, it was decided it was time to visit the crag once more. The weather was perfect so Rod jumped onto his project on BBQ point, finally finishing after a few more holds broke off. It came in as a pumpy 21 and was called Ruin, with a bit more traffic to pull off more loose shit it should be a good fun climb.
After a quick jump up Message of Confusion we settled down for a quick BBQ under BBQ point. Next Kevin decided to give his mega classic project on Shit Face a whirl. After many attempts, a few good falls, it finally went at 23 and was called Resistance is Futile and with solid rock and huge dyno moves its will probably become Crag X's test piece.
Other news, the Crag X site is now the host of Crag X's Australian Climbing webring. This is designed to link all the Australian climbing sites together in order to help them stand out from the crowd. So if your a site owner or know a site owner get them to join, the site must be mainly about climbing and must be Australian.

February 16th 1999
The temperature today was a bit hot for bouldering so Rod decided to try and scope some cliffs in sydneys northwest. After walking around the bush for a while, near Pennant Hills, he stumbled across a sizeable cliff about 15-20m in height. It was a bit broken up but could yield some routes, but will wait for conformation off Kevin before its a definate.

May 29th 1999
The team has decided for a while to stick to climbing, with out the bolting bit, just for a bit of a break, but we have still kept our eyes out for new crags to bolt. Last week we checked out Yellow Rock near Springwood in the Blue mountains, and found a broken cliff line, with a few possible good lines on it, and we even found some old bolts!!! If anyone knows who or when they were put up lets us know.

July 25th 1999
An overcast day greated the team as we scouted out a new crag in the north west of Sydney. Rod had scouted out the new crag several weeks before and Kevin was brought along to see its potential. The day was spent bouldering at the bottom, working out the easiest access and top roping a few potential climbs. The crag itself is mostly steep and overhung, on good solid rock, with most possible climbs being about 8-10m long. The estimate was for about 5-10 climbs that could go up, but only time will tell.

October 3rd 1999
Finally some new news to report, as the team took some time off from developing and decided just to climb for a while. On a bush walk in the lower Blue Mountains, several weeks ago Rod's father, Col, took him to some potential Crags he and spotted previously. Today Rod and Kevin took some rope and tope roped a few climbs to find surprisinglt good, featured rock. The Crag itself is a broken line of short cliffs, about 8-12 m in height, and the best bit, not to far from Sydney. No commitment to bolt here has been made yet, we decided a few more top roping trips will give us a better idea about its potential. The previous Crag on the 25th July, was decided a no goer due to the location of close houses.

October 10th 1999
Just as the team decided to work on a new crag, summer decided today to give us a taste of whats to come. Rod and Kevin ventured out again to top rope a few possible routes at the new Crag despite the rising temps. It was a productive day a couple of routes worked on, both needed a bit of a clean. A name for the wall was discussed with Purgatory Wall being mentioned as a possible candidate. The wall if bolted would probably have about 4-6 climbs on it, some what shortish, about 8-12m, but long enough to provide some fun. Hopefully some of the other walls along the same cliff line will give more routes.

October 17th 1999
Once again we ventured out to the new Crag to top rope an orange thin section of the wall. Three problems were top roped, with one possibly going to be 20+, with thin moves on a steepish wall. All routes along the wall are about 8-12m high, ranging from slabs to steeper terrain. At the moment it looks like the grades will range roughly from 15-21, and hopefully bolting will start soon.
Yesterday the websites gallery section was changed, now the index page has thumbnails, to give an idea of the picture before downloading. Anyone who wants a picture posted in the gallery, (has to do with climbing) should contact Rod.

November 7th 1999
Bolting started at the Crag today with Rod bolting a 8 metre jaunt up a fairly featured face, that should be in the 15 - 16 grade. Kevin found a smallish steep pocketed wall that he put in a few bolts at the top to enable easy top roping. It was decided to call the new area The Heights and the wall being bolted Pergatory Wall. By the middle of the day temps started to rise, and once the sun hit the Crag, it was called a day.

November 14th 1999
Rod and Kevin hit the Crag early and decided to jump up Rod's project before it got to hot. It wasn't long before Rod did it, on the first attempt with Kevin quickly following. It was called Queen or Country, since it was bolted on the referendum weekend, and came in at the grade 15. Good holds and some fun moves though a bit on the easy side. Kevin then decided to bolt a harder route next to Queen or Country which should come in a bit harder than the previous project. The day was finished by top roping Kevs Boulder which is about 6 metres high with hundreds of features slightly overhanging, a natural woody.

November 29th 1999
The day was overcast today keeping the temperatures down as Kevin attempted his new route on Purgatory Wall. After several attempts he finally managed to top out calling it Tool Loot. A lot of discussion followed as to what to grade it, but it was decided to grade it 21 as the crux move is quite technical. Kevin then jumped on Queen or Country for a second repeat, confirming the grade at 15. It started to shower so the rest of the day was spent looking around the area for new Crags. One new area could be a possibility with a good long wall ie 25m on what seemed to be good rock. The area has been marked down for further investigation.

December 12th 1999
Today saw a lot of frustration for Rod as he time and again attacked his project on Bull Ant Wall only to fail. The project with thin steep moves at the start soon wore out his fingers so Kevin decided it was time to bolt a route next to Rods project. The rest of the day was spent by Kevin drawing the crag for use as a topo which will hopefully mean he will get it scanned for the site soon.

December 5th 1999
A hot day greeted the team as they started work on a new wall around the corner from Purgatory Wall called Bull Ant Wall. A steepish orange wall with good rock and some thin moves over steepish terrain, getting its name from a Bull Ants nest at the bottom of the wall. Rod bolted what should be a 20+ route up the middle of the wall, again only about 8m long but some difficult moves. Kevin decided to rename his Route on Purgatory Wall, Spiderfest due the number of webs that keep springing up on the face. Rain clouds started to roll in so it was then decided to call it a day.