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The Crag was visited for the first day in the new year by Kevin and Rod. It was forcasted as a hot day and it soon lived up to its prediction.
Due to the heat we decided that we would continue trying to bolt Kevin climb in the big cave as it was shaded. Several hours later little progress was achieved and with the temperature rising above 40 degrees it was called a day.

After a long break the Crag finally saw some action today. Arriving at the Crag early, it was hoped to beat the high temperatures forcasted, but it was not to be. Kevin not one to be detered by a little heat decided to bolt a route on shit face, which should turn out to be a steep classic. With the temperature reaching 35 plus it was called a day.

With a long time off from climbing the day was always going to be hard going. Both Kevin and Rod attempted their projects on Shit Face and BBQ Point but both failed after several attempts. Both climbs are steep fun climbs and should come in 20+. Rod then started to bolt a new project on Shit Face which should prove to be another steep classic.

Kevin and Rod both visited the crag for the week for what turned out to be a wet and cold week. With the weather bad it was the more over hanging routes that were bolted, mainly due to the fact that they were the only dry places. New routes were bolted on Spirit Wall, Shit Face, Hell Wall and two on Beer Wall. The rest of the time was spent trying to climb Kevins project on Shit Face but despite at lot of effort it still remained unclimbed.

Very little action a Crag X over the last two months due to Kevin and Rod both having alot of committments else where on the weekends. It is not clear whether Crag X has had much visitation since going public, so anyone going there could they please contact us via email for your thoughts etc about the place. Hopefully next week, providing the rain holds off Crag X will be visited again.

The weather smiled on us today as we made the long trip out to the crag for another assault on the projects. The day didn't start of good as we realised we forgot to bring bread for the sausages for lunch, but we decided to put it all behind us as Kevin attempted his project on Hell Wall. As he started to pull up to the first bolt, a hold came off which sent him to the ground, stopped from landing hard by his beleyer Rod. Renewed with confidance he attacked his project and on the second go succeeded to name it An Invatation To My Mind. A pumpy 19 with a big move between bolts 1 and 2. After lunch, of just cooked sausages with chilli sauce, Rod attempted his project on Spirit Wall. To his and Kevins surprise he flashed it on the first attempt and it became Connect The God Damn Dots a balancey slab graded at 18. It was decided to call it a day on this high note.

After a very long lay off the team of Rod and Kevin arrived at the crag. Both had been doing little climbing over the last few months so things were always going to be tough.
Kevin started by laying siege to his project on Beer Wall only to fail several times at the crux just above the second bolt. During a period of inactivity Rod attempted his Project next to Kevins on Beer Wall and suceeded. It was a short slaby route Little Bitch graded 16.
Kevin then did a quick second repeat of Little Bitch but continued on tending right at the belay point onto his project and topped out on its Double Bolts. This variant added a few hard moves to the original and thus was named Big Bitch grade 18.
Several furthur attempts were made at Kevins project on Beer Wall but all failed. After lunch we moved onto to Kevins project on Hell Wall but with fatigue setting in, it was only thugged up by both Kevin and Rod thus working the route but not gettin first ascent. With little energy left it was decided to call it a day.

September 27th
A fine and sunny day greeted the team as it arrieved at the crag today. The day started with with Kevin laying siege to his new route on Beer Wall, and after a few good falls and a bit of coaxing scrambled up to lay claim to Crag X's hardest route, The Vengence Factor a grade 21 steep fun climb. After a hearty lunch of sausage sandwiches Rod decided to have a go at his route on Shit Face and after several attempts achieved its first accent, a pumpy grade 20 Mr Self Destruct. With only two projects left and both being in the low 20's it will probably be the last visit for a while to the Crag from the team as they get some climbing fitness in.

October 30th
As you may have noticed the webpage has changed a little bit as of today. We have added a new area SwampLand, a new bouldering area in Sydney North West. The amount of climbing has dwindled quite a bit for the team mainly due to the fact Kevin getting married this weekend, which I suppose is a good reason.

December 18th

Well the crag finally made it inside a guide book, the new , Blue Mountains Sportclimbing Crags. guide by Martin Pircher. The Crag is the last one in the book from page 108 onwards.It covers the crag well with just a few typos, (Probably my fault since Martin did ask me to proof read, opps!!)

The following minor corrections should be made....

1/ Tilberg should be spelt as Tilburg. (Hope your happy now Kev.)

2/ Climb number 16 is an abandoned route that some one else can have a go at. Would need a few more bolts though.

3/ Fillan should be spelt with one "l" ie Filan, sorry dude!! and it should read Dave Filan's Testimonial Wall not Testimony.

4/ The easiest way to approach Norm Booth Walk Down Gully is to walk straight ahead from the car park to the cliff line and follow the cliff line around.

The guide book could probably be found at most places you buy climbing gear and climbing gyms.(Cost = $17.95).