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1996 - 1997

Nov 96 - Febuary 97

dft wall The crag was first visited at the end of November and the first wall was
discovered. Two climbs were top roped to work out placement of bolts
and to see whether the rock was suitable.
The wall is slightly overhanging by about 10-15 degres and is named
David Filan Testimonial Wall.(As can be seen on the left.)
During the following months activity was slow due to Xmas etc but another wall was discovered full of potential and has already been named Beer Wall .

March 97

With the ring bolts still not organised, (yes Ian thats your job!!!!), the crag was visited and two more walls were surveyed for there potential.
A couple of more potential routes were top roped and the wall got the name Hell Wall after much consultation.

March 23rd

kevin at spirit wall
The crag was visited once more, and since the bolts still were not organised, we concentrated on another wall, now known as Spirit Wall which is located just to the right of Beer wall.
Two more climbs were top roped and marked for bolt placements.
Hopefully the bolts will be organised in the next few weeks so bolting can start.
The picture to the right shows Kevin relaxing at the base of Spirit Wall

April 4th

The crag was visited again and the bolts still have yet to be organised.
A few more climbs were top roped at Hell wall.
Visionary Wall and David Filan Testimonal Wall were visually inspected for some good routes through the roofs and at it seems a few will go, but due to time restrictions on the day they were not atempted.

April 13th

With the bolts still not organised the Crag was visited over two days.
A new wall between Hell Wall and Beer Wall was top roped and was named Shit Face due the large amounts of rock that came off.
A steep roof/face was attempted but after several key holds fell off it was abandoned for another day.
A tricky fingery face climb was top roped and finally got up by Kevin and should prove to be a good sustained face once bolted.

Kev working Shit Face
APRIL 20th

The crag was visited again and still no bolts had been organised.
It was decided that Shit Face would be the wall of choice and two more climbs were top roped
Both climbs had tricky balancy starts which lead to a slightly over hanging jug hauls.

The picture to the left shows kevin working the climb on top rope.


The bolts where finally bought by Kevin. We found a supplier in Penrith who supplied us with ring bolts at $3.60 each, so we bought a hundred.
So with bolts in hand , along with petrol drill and Mega-poxy glue we set off to the crag.
We put bolts on two climbs on separate walls, David Filan Testimonial Wall and Spirit Wall.
Both climbs took 3 bolts each plus a double bolt lowering point.
All in all it took about 4-5hrs total as we ironed out a few teething problems.
Unfortunately niether route was climbed on the day as the glue had to set, but attempts will be made when we next return.


After a few weeks lay off the Crag was visited and the recently bolted routes were climbed. The first climb first accent was done by Rod. He named it Jesse's Name Day, and turned out to be Grade 16, thus becoming the first route On David Filan Testimonial Wall and also Crag X
Next we moved down to Spirit Wall where Kevin claimed first accent of Chemical Frenzy a fun 18 with thin moves for a crux.
After a brief episode of back patting and congratulations to each other we bolted two more routes. One on Spirit Wall and one on Shit Face.


The Crag was again visited and a first accent by Rod on his climb on Spirit Wall was quickly achieved. It was named Enviro Vandal coming in at grade 17.
Kevin and Ian, (yes that right Ian, no Hockey this weekend.), laid siege to Kevins route on Shit Face but after several good falls it still wasn't completed.
Ian then started bolting his new mega route on David Filain Testimonial Wall but only got three of the bolts in running out of time, ie sunlight.


The day was very cold and overcast. The temperature was below 10 degrees celcius and a cold wind was blowing making conditions very cold for climbing. Kevin claimed it was to cold to attempt his route on Spirit Wall (not that his hangover had anything to do with it.) so Rod decided to bolt a climb on Spirit Wall After several hours of drilling and glueing, this time including walking back to the car to get the drill bit, the climb was bolted ready for next week. Feeling cold a lathargic the team retired back to Mt Vic pub to negotiate a place in front of the fire with the locals.


The Crag was again visited by Kevin and Rod, (Ian had exams so has to study.....unluck for some), and both attempted and failed to climb their respective routes on Shit Face.
Kevin had the best shot however as he balsted through the crux but was to pumped to clip the rope on the final anchors.
An attempt was also made at putting up a route on Hell Wall but due to the steepness and lack of things to jam pro into, conditions where to restrictive for much headway to be made.
It was decided that soem small expansion bolts would be needed to hold the driller into the wall to drill the main hole for the glue in rings.


With bad weather and other commitments the Crag hadn't been visited for a while and today again the weather let us down.
Some drama through the week however when Kevin got hold of a National Parks sketch map that showed Crag X being very close to a national park, this would have in effect shut the Crag down due to the National Parks rules on no bolt placements.
However after further investigation it was revealed that Crag X is just outside the parks borders by no more than a hundred meters.
Hopefully if the weather behaves the Crag will be visited again next week.


With the weather finally clearing up the Crag was visited by both Kevin and Rod in a surprisingly lethargic mood.
Rod again attempted his project on Shit Face but once again run out of puff at the fourth bolt. Kevin declined an attempt at his project but instead wanted to start bolting a new project on Hell Wall.
Previous attempts at bolting on Hell Wall had been abandoned due to the steepness of the wall but during the week Kevin acquired some 6mm expansion bolts that were used to hold him into the wall while the bigger hole was drill for the glue in ring bolt
Thus a new project was bolted, covering some steepish terrain, on Hell Wall.


The day was cold even though the sun was up.
The rock was freezing to the touch, this combining with Kevins hangover, it was decided that the day was to be a bolting day.
Rod decided to finish bolting his project on Hell Wall which covers some steepish thin terain at near the top.
The rest of the day was spent suning ourseleves admiring the view.
All in all a pleasant day though not very productive.


With Ian ringing up on the Saturday informing Rod he was coming up to Crag X, the scene was set for a big day at the Crag.
However mother nature didn't agree and greeted the teams arrival at the Crag with a snow flurry.
The snow didn't last long so it was decided that despite the conditions the new routes on Hell Wall were going to be attempted with Ian being keen having been away from the Crag for a while.
Ian managed to dog up one route on Hell Wall by stopping at every bolt and warming up his hands, Rod worked a few moves via top rope once Ian was lowered down.
Kevin lit a fire and cooked some sausage sandwiches, and with the snow starting to fall again it was decided to call it a day.


With the Crag not being visited for over a month, due to weather and other commitments, the team was itching to get out there.
The weather was a pleasant sunny day and both Kevin and Rod took the opportunity to lead there respective projects on Shitface
Both climbs were done on the first attempts on the day.(... its marvellous what you can do when you can feel the rock and its not snowing.)
Kevins climb was named Fiend and came in at grade 20 while Rod's climb This day all gods die ended up being grade 18.
The day was finished with the first project on Beer Wall being bolted, and a dash to Mt Vic pub to see the last half of the ARL grand final to see Manly humiliated by the Knights.


Thus far October has not been very productive. Other enegagements, illness's and holidays all conspiring to keep the team away from the Crag. Hopefully things will improve soon ie next weekend. The guide book has been updated though to show Beer Wall.

The crag was finally visited after a long lay off of about a month. Booth the projects on Hell Wall were attempted. Rod got up his climb, a deceptively steep juggy climb with a thin move for a crux at the top. He named it The Perfect Drug and it came it at grade 18. Kevins climb showed some resistance at the top and should be completed next visit. The day was finished off by Kevin bolting a new climb up an arete on Beer Wall.

Finally the Crag was visited again. This time the long lost team member Ian graced us with his presence.
The new routes on Beer Wall were attempted and both climbs were completed. First was Rods climb Message of Confusion which came in as Grade 15 becoming the easiest climb at the Crag, and Kevin completed his slab route Xylazong at Grade 19.
Both routes were later repeated by all confirming the grades.
Rod the bolted a new route on a new wall between Beer Wall and Shit Face called BBQ Point. The route follows the lip of a roof for about 10 meters and the jury is still out on weather it was worth the effort.
While Rod was bolting Ian and Kevin laid siege to Kevins project on Hell Wall but once again climbing was the winner meaning the route wasn't completed saving it for another day.

The day started off overcast but the cloud cover soon burnt off becoming hotter as the day progressed.
The full team visited the crag again today and started laying siege to Rods new route on the lip of BBQ Points roof. The climb was eventually thugged up by all providing some good falls however wasn't completed clean so the first accent was to wait for another day.
Kevin quickly made short work of his project on Hell Wall, a classic juggy climb with big holds coming in at grade 19 with the name 66 Hours in Thredbo.
Ian then decided to finsih bolting his project on DFT Wall and some two hours later and plenty of cursing it was completed to be attempted next visit.
With the whole team there Kevin bought along his camera and took some shots that will be posted in the gallery as soon as they are developed.

December 14th

The Crag was visited by the full team but the wheather conspired against us.
Ian attempted his new project on DFT Wall dogging up several moves before the heavans opened.
While waiting for the rain to stop Kevin put in the first bolt in his new project in the Big Cave just next to DFT wall..With everything wet it was called a day.