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22nd July 2002
I haven't updated site for a while as have been way to busy doing other work. Most climbing has been done on established routes with little to no development.Slab World has had a few new routes put up by Steve, more info soon and the team is currently eyeing off a different crag for development.
On website news, Ive decided to cut down on maintanance on this site due to other work commitments. Climbing partner posts and new climb posts are now no longer being accepted or updated.I will keep the news section updated and the climbs/guide section for Crag X crags updated.

23rd July 2002
New climbs put up for Slab World by Steve and Andrew. Potato Thrower and Foster Buckets on a seperate wall from other climbs.

28th July 2002
With kevin my main climbing partner in Europe for a while, I have been left to my own devices. After bush bashing for a few weeks, I stumbled on a good bouldering spot in Sydneys North West. The Sanctuary is a collection of small cliffs and boulders generally with good landings, and today I started to develop it.
Two problems were completed, In Memory of Helen (V0), and Scmick (V1). There is heaps of potential for more problems, and hopefully over the next few months they will get listed here, just have to get stronger and better.

29th July 2002
Great weather dragged me out to The Sanctuary again today. Four new easy problems done in Area B. One step Wonder V0, Bipolar V1, Simple Simon V0, Constant Arguements V0/1. Another problem was started in the cave in Area C, plus a new topo was sketched for Section 2, which will be added to the website soon.

31st July 2002
A couple new projects started in section 2 of the Sanctuary and a few new problems done. They are Rusty Nail V1, Counterstrike V2,& Enemy down V1.

2nd August 2002
Joined by stephen to day to attack and claim a few new projects in the cave in section c. Five new problems done Jugfest V1, Crimpfest V3, Gorilla V1, Baby Gorilla V0 and Stone Woodie V2.

6th August 2002
Several new problems done at The Sanctuary. In area A the following were done, Personal Demon V1, Battle of the Bulge V0, A Smear to Far V1. Stephen on the weekend added a new problem in Area C Flight of the Kookaburra V2/3.

8th August 2002
Several new problems done by Stephen at The Sanctuary. In area C the following were done, Previous Victory V0/1, Bolder V1/2, and in Area D the following was added, Scary Mantle V1.
Rod scouted a new crag in Pennant Hills yesterday and it ws also checked by Stephen today. Though your typical short suburban crag it looks like the rock is good and several good lines should go.

17th August 2002
The Sanctuary had five more problems added during the week. Four were done in Area I by Stephen and are Gonzo's Nose V0, Guy Smiley V3, Sweedish Chef V1 & Statler and Waldolf V2. One was added in Area G by Rod, Influenza V1. A topo for the Main Wall at Slab World has also been added to the guide.

18th August 2002
In the wet weather today Stephen added Bannana Man V2, in Area C's cave.

8th September 2002
A new Crag has been added to the development list.The Stables is a crag in Sydneys North West. Stephen has started off with a full head of steam by doing the following routes over the last couple of weeks, So Far so Good 21, Mufasta 18, and Chronic 19.. He also has a project covering some steep territory which should come out around grade 23. It is hoped around 15-20 lines should go at the crag.

15th September 2002
Some pictures added to The Sanctuary guide.

22nd September 2002
Slabworld has been made public, and access notes have been added to the site. Project at Slabworld was finally completed, To Hell With Good Intentions grade 21, making it the hardest route at the crag.

23rd September 2002
New pictures added to the site, Topos photos for Area C & I in the sanctuary, and pictures of the first ascents Of Chronic at the Stables. All pictures found in the guide section as a link.

28th September 2002
New problem added at the Sanctuary in Area I. Sunset V0 by Rod.

7th October 2002
Profile added for Stephen in the Team section.

13th October 2002
Stephen and Andrew hit The Stables today and managed to complete three new lines before close of play. The new climbs were Buntman 20 on Cave wall, and two new routes on the face to the right of Cave wall called Storm Wall, Yoink 14 & Yerba 19.

14th October 2002
New climbs and topos added for The Stables.

17th October 2002
New bulletin board and forums added to the site.

18th October 2002
The Stables had a new climb added, Bunsen Honeydew 18.

23rd October 2002
A new bouldering crag Mystery Rocks has been added to the website. it is currently under developemnt so information is sparse. The first new problem has been done, Knob Monster V1.

24th October 2002
Stephen and Andrew visited Mystery Rocks today and put up several new problems. They are in no particular order, Tree Hugging Hippee V1, Fat Tongue V0, Lego Man V0, Civil Twilight V1, Water Hammer V0-, Access V0-, Cool Banana's V0.

27th October 2002
Mystery Rock's was visited today by Kevin, Rod and Stephen.Several new problems were put up which were, One Week In a Bucket V2, Tell Him Hes Dreaming V0/1, Turbulance V3 an impresive line on the right hand side of the cave and currently the hardest problem at the crag, Featureless V2, Juxtapose V2 a classic fun problem, an as yet Unnamed V0 & Height is No Adversity V1 (so says Kevin the tall man).

29th October 2002
Discussions with Tim Oneill today, worked out that he had previously climbed at The Sanctuary some two years ago and had named it The Wave. It was agreed to change the name to this as he already had an area of the same name. It was also discovered he had put finishing Mantles on both Stone Woodie and Crimpfest. The variants are called Dead Cant Surf V3 and the crags hardest problem Cave Wave V6 which has a ballsy mantle.
Tim and Adam also visited Mystery Rocks during last week and added Oversight V5, currently the hardest route at the crag.

1st November 2002
Rod visited Mystery Rocks today and put up thre new problems in Area C. They are Moss Monster V0, Discovery V1, It's All Chips & Gravy V2.

26th November 2002
A few additions to the site for things that have happened over the last few weeks.New project put up by Stephen at The Stables on a new wall called Finger Pump Face. New problem put up in Area M at Mystery Rocks, Never Trust A Junkie V2. by Rod. New project at The Wave on the right side of Area C.
A new forum has been added to the site, so everyone join and make it happen. Click on the bulletin board link.

2nd December 2002
Mystery Rocks has been made public, check the guide for access notes.

3rd December 2002
Rod put up four new problems at Mystery Rocks. They are Fuck George Bush and his Ugly Wife V0, The Scoop V0, Day of the Triffid V0-, Bush Bash V1.

19th December 2002
A few new pictures added to sight. Picture of Stephen climbing Beety Blue i nowra in his profile. Also 2 new pictures found as links in Mystery Rocks guide.

29th December 2002
Rod and Kevin visited Mystery Rocks today and top roped two high ball problems in Section D. Both problems had Dyno's and fun moves and will be around V3/4. The Crag X team would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year.

31st December 2002
Andrew Secomb added Bahumbug V1 in Area H, Mystery Rocks.