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1st January 2001
First of all Happy New Year everybody. Just added a few new climbing partner ads and also a article on the The origins of climbing in the Tips and Tricks section.

27th January 2001
New climbs added for Victoria, Queensland and NSW.

28th January 2001
New pictures added to the readers section of the gallery.

7th Febuary 2001
New climbs added for Queensland and Victoria. New climbing partner ads, new pictures in gallery and a few more Australian climbing links.

11th Febuary 2001
Heaps of new climbs added for victoria.

19th Febuary 2001
The team visited Slab World on Sunday and Kevin bolted a new project 4 metres right of Wiggly Woo. After breaking a drill bit, totally blunting another and cleaning the route it was called a day.
Website news....Slab world guide updated, new climbs added for NSW and a few new horror stores in Horror up High.

25th Febuary 2001
The team visited Slab World today. Kevin immediately tried his new project and got it on his second try. He named it No Stone Unturned, grade 19, a fun face climb with hard moves over a bulge to a thankfully easy slab to finish.
Not much website news, just added a few new climbing partner posts.

24th March 2001
I have been very slack lately with updates to this site, mainly due to work commitments, so sorry to all those that posted ad's etc. The good news is they are finally up. Added a new climbing gym classified, several new climbing partner ads. Also I have fixed the bulletin boards and guestbooks, which had gone offline as the provider of those services went bust. Hopefully in the next few days Ill be able to post some new climbs.

27th March 2001
Added heaps of new climbs for Victoria and NSW. Also started a new survey to find out the best region for climbing in OZ.

31st March 2001
Over 20 new climbs added for Victoria plus anew link added for a WA site.

2nd April 2001
Slab World was visited by the team today and a new project was bolted up the main arete of the wall. In website news a few new climbs added for WA and the slab world guide updated for new project.

10th April 2001
24 new climbs added for New South Wales. Over the next week or so, Ill add all the new climbs that are not already posted from the latest rock magazine.

21st April 2001
Added over 70 new climbs to the new climb index for Victoria and the ACT. Also added a few new climbing partner posts. Since it will probably be raining tomorrow, I'll probably post some more new climbs, since I wont be able to climb.

11th May 2001
Added 13 new climbs for Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. Added a few new climbing partner adds as well.

12th May 2001
Added a new climb for the Wolgan Valley - NSW. On the subject of the Wolgan Valley a new guide book should be out soon.It was being produced by Wade Stevens before his untimely death, and someone else has taken over the project.
Also should have heaps of new routes for Wa and Victoria soon

22nd May 2001
Just added over 60 new climbs for Western Australia, thaks to Jim & Co. It takes the grand total of all new route posted to over 500.

4th June 2001
Added a few new climbs for Victoria and NSW. Also added a new classified and several climbing partner posts.
On the weekend the team visited Slab World and Rod had several attempts at his new route without success. Kevin also checked out a new route that he top roped and said later he'll bolt.

8th June 2001
Added 10 new routes for Victoria. Also placed a bolt warning on the ulletin board for nowra and the Plan of Mangement for the blueys nat park in relation to climbing.

28th June 2001
Added 40 new climbs for victoria. Also added a few new climbing partner posts and a new link for a French climbing website.

29th June 2001
Added a new mega route that was done on Mount Warning by a team of climbers in the new climbs section.

17th September 2001
Finally getting sometime to update the site. Added some new climbs for Victoria to the index, also a heap of new climbing partner ads. A new fall story in Horror Up High and a few new pics in the readers Gallery.
Since June there has been a bit of Work at our new Crag Slab World. The guide has been updated to reflect this with 4 climbs now completed and 2 more projects bolted. We have also found a new wall in the area that shows a lot of promise.
Hopefully in the nedxt few weeks I'll find more time to post up new routes, but if anyone wants to help with this site contact me on