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9th January 2000
The first climbing day of the new millennium saw a rainy, dull day. With rain starting to fall on the approach to the Crag Kevin whipped out a topographic map, and it was decided that the day would be spent looking for new Crag's. After a lot of driving around and bush bashing, no real possibility's were found, except for a possible bouldering spot.

16th January 2000
Finally a very summer type day greeted the team this morning as they arrived at the Crag. With the temp's and humidity rising both Projects on Bull Ant Wall were attacked by Rod and Kevin. After two go's, mainly due to holds being dirty and needing cleaning, Kevin topped his Project, which he named Probalator and grade 18 with some fun moves. Rod, however after many tries kept falling at the Crux of his new route, thus leaving it once again for another day.
With the temps getting near 35, and the shade receding rapidly, the rest off the day was spent walking around the bush looking for new Crag's, with no success.

30th January 2000
A flurry of bolting activity was seen at The Height's as both Rod and Kevin decided to bolt new projects. Kevin's new project on Bull Ant Wall is about 2 metres to the left of Rod's project covering steepish terrain on increasingly small holds, at the moment it will finish on the same double bolts as Rod's project. Rod's new project on Purgatory Wall is a slab, which also gets harder the higher you get. Both projects should be about 19.
A new section has also been added to the website, a New Climbs' Register. The idea behind this is to give a forum, for new climbs, since "Rock" in their wisdom have decided only to publish new routes once a year. Hopefully, all you budding developer's will get behind the new section, and add any new climbs' you know of.

4th March 2000
A few new things have been added to the web site this week. Firstly, there are new picture's, in the gallery, of The Heights so check them out. Also some new climbs have been added to the new climbs register, thanks to Roger in Tassy.

20th February 2000
Recent bad weather on the weekends meant activity at The Heights was down. Several scouting missions around the area were done while it was raining revealing several potential new crags. Today however, saw sunshine and high humidity, as Rod attacked his project on Purgatory wall. After about an hour of wire brushing the moss off the rock, the route was climbed and came in at grade 19. It's a slab, with the crux near the top and several fun moves in between. It was named Col Wills Aussie Tour after Rod's old man, who discovered the crag.
Unfortunately Rod forgot the drill, so no new routes were bolted, however Kevin did bring along his camera so some new pic's should soon be seen in the gallery.

4th April 2000
Not much happening at the Crag's the last couple of weeks, with all the bad weather that's been about. New climbs have been added to the new climbs index for Queensland.

25th April 2000
No climbing news to speak of just web site additions. A new section has just been added, Tips & tricks. This section will hopefully become a resource of climbing information for everybody. Contributions needed and welcomed. There is also a new route in the NSW section.

30th April 2000
With good weather promising a great day at the height's the team finally made it back to the crag with high expectations, unfortunately they were not to be realised. Kevin had many good attempts at his project on Bull Ant Wall but failed to link the moves to finish the route. After two attempts by Rod on his project on Bull Ant Wall a large rock was dislodged cracking Kevin on the head. With Kevin feeling a bit dazed and sore it was decided to call it a day.

27th May 2000
New additions to the web site. We have added a classified's section for people to advertise climbing related stuff free of charge. Also there are a few new bulletins on the bulletin board and more climbing partner ad's.

30th May 2000
New climbs have been added to the NSW new climbs register.

4th June 2000
A new section has been added to the new climbs register, Victoria. Currently it contains new route's from Mt Arapiles and the Black Range. Also a few new requests for partners in the climbing partners register.

30th June 2000
Thanks to Eric new pics have been added to the gallery in the readers section. They feature some sport routes in Kentucky. Also some new partner post were added.

3rd July 2000
With some good weekend weather The heights was again visited by the team. With the weather being cool, Kevin decided to bolt the final project the team was going to do. The new project up the left side of the cave, left of escape route, should be a classic around 21-22 in grade. The rest of the day was spent carting the gear out that had be used to develop the crag. Access info can now be found in the guide and completed climbs are open to the public.

4th July 2000
More climbs have been added to the new climbs register in the Mt Arap's section. In the future we are planning to add latest new climbs section that will house the newest climbs that have been added over the last month or two. The idea is that regular visitors will not have to wade through previous posts to find the new routes.

7th July 2000
A new page has been added to the Gallery of Crag X pic's. Most of the pic's show problem's at Swamplands.

8th July 2000
New climbs have been added to the new climbs index for Queensland. Also the latest climbs to be added to the index have a section in the new climbs register so frequent visitors can find the latest climbs quickly.

17th July 2000
A mailing list has been added to the site for visitors to be informed via email as changes occur to the site. Also a new link has been added to the world link section.

19th July 2000
Heaps of new climbs have been added to the register for Western Australia.

24th July 2000
The Heights was visited by the team for the first time in a long time and it showed. After laying a long and hard siege to Kevins project left of The Escape Route, the team ego was bruised as it repelled all attempts. The project goes up a steep wall on big holds that suddenly disappear to a desperate finish, which was the move that stopped all. With bolting finished at The heights is was decided to go and look for some new crags and with the day coming to an end the team stumbled across a possible bouldering area, hopefully more on that in the future. In website news, a load of new routes has been added to the Victoria section.

3rd August 2000
Heaps of new climbs have been added to the Victoria section and there is also a new article about foot injuries in tips & tricks

14th August 2000
A new survey has been started on How long projects should be projects before they become open projects?. Also some new routes have been added to the Victoria section and a few new climbing partners ads.

30th August 2000
New climbs have been added to the new climbs register for Victoria. The latest additions takes us to over 160 new climbs listed since January 2000.

4th September 2000
Just added a new tip in the equipment section of tips & tricks, sent in by Grant. It gives some good advice on getting those tight shoes to fit.

11th September 2000
Just added some more tips and tricks to the site. Keep the questions rolling in and I'll try and answer them.

20th September 2000
A couple of new climbs have been added to the new climbs register for victoria. Currently having trouble with the guestbook, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

28th September 2000
The guestbook bad link has been changed , ie Ive changed guestbook providers. Just added heaps of new climbs to the queensland section and a new classified has been added to the retail section.

8th October 2000
The Crag X team has discovered a new potential Crag in the lower Blue Mountains. Today we checked out a cliff previously stumbled across on a prior bush walk, and decided the cliff had major potential. Plenty of featured faces ranging in height of about 15-20m, and best of all heaps of lines. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to reveal more.

15th October 2000
A couple of new climbs have been added to the new climbs section of Victoria. Plans are underway to release a free booklet of 2000 new climbs by the end of the year. Due to costs, I'll be sending a copy to each climbing gym to be put up on their notice boards and it will also be available for download via this site to be printed. Im looking at doing it in Microsoft Word format.

20th October 2000
Heaps of new climbs have been added for both Victoria and Western Australia taking the total to over 200 climbs submitted so far. Also I have added a new section in the Tips & Tricks section on soloing on rope techniques.

22nd October 2000
Even more new climbs have been posted for Western Australia at a new place called Oakley falls.

29th October 2000
Work was started on a new crag in the lower Blue Mountains today by the Crag X team. The day started off overcast and actually started to rain when the car pulled up in the car park. With the bad weather looking like it was going to set in, it was decided that the day would be spent carry the equipment to the base of the crag but leave the drill in the car. Once we got to the base of the Crag the clouds disappeared, but with no drill, we decided to try a new line following a crack on the first wall.
The climb The Chicken Run 22m 12, consisted of two pitches, the first following a crack up an arete for 15 metres (12) with the second finishing up an easy gully 8m (8). We then surveyed the top of the cliff line for anchor points and lowering off points. The crag itself consists of several walls all about 15-20 metres high mostly slabs and thin faces. In the next couple of months, once we produce a topo etc, more details will appear in the guide section of this site.

31st October 2000
Heaps of new climbs have been added to then new climbs index for Victoria.

10th November 2000
A new climb added to Victoria for Northern Grampians and a few new world links.

20th November 2000
A section added today, High Up Horror. It is being edited by a new member of Crag X's editing team Grant and he is after contributions. If you know any urban climbing legend stories, crap service from retailer stories or any stories about climbing send them in. Currently there are a few posted but more the merrier.

3rd December 2000
Just added a new section to the guide book for Slab World. The first project was bolted last week, a slabby arete that should come in around 17 - 18 in grade. Also added a few new classifieds and some new ads for people needing climbing partners.

9th December 2000
10 new climbs added for Victoria.

10th December 2000
24 new climbs added for Western Australia plus a new classified added.

22nd December 2000
The team visited Slab World today and Rod top his project first go, Wiggly Woo. A fun arete, with good moves graded 16. With the temp pushing 35+ and it being Xmas eve the team called it a day early to retire to the pub for Xmas drinks. The team would like to say Merry Xmas to all that have enjoyed this site and a happy new year.