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Crag X's latest news

Here is the latest news from the team of Crag X. For previous happenings click on the menu to the left or click on home to return to the main page.

This page was last updated on Sunday, January 23rd 2005.

23rd January 2005
Just uploaded new guide for Mtk. The area now has over 35 climbs.

9th July 2004
Vanessa has completed two new projects on Fossil Wall at Mt K, which have been added to the guide. The climbers rescue guide can now be downloaded from the front page. This guide lists all the crags locations that Careflight uses for rescues.

6th June 2004
The gallery section has now been updated. It now offers real time uploading and allows all visitors to post the images and create albums.

5th June 2004
The site has been moved over to the domain. This will enable me to introduce some more dynamic content making the site easier to keep updated.

18th April 2004
New climbs added at Mt K since last update, Fossil wall - Ungaurded Moment 21 by Chris, on MotoCross Wall, Elliot finished his project Somewhere Down The Barrel 21. Vanessa also soloed a new line Malibu Rider 13 which has good trad pro for those that need it. A few other project have been bolted which are isted in the guide.

8th March 2004
Updated the New Climbs index to a database. You can now view any new climbs added to the database and add new climbs real time. This is a work in progress so any bugs/chnages needed let me know.

3rd March 2004
Rod completed one of his projects today on Moto Cross Wall at Mt K. It was Dinosaurs Must Die Grade 18, 1 metre right of ENFSG. Vanessa had a go up her project furthur along the wall but failed to send.

21st February 2004
The NSW rebolting forum has found a temporary home at Crag X's forums. We have also added an extra security feature that stops guests posting in the forums. Everyone must sign in , which is free.
In other website news two new sections have been added to the guide thanks to Stephen. The areas cover new routes for Betty Blue and Hospital Rocks at Nowra.

17th February 2004
New wall added to Mt K guide book, Lost & Found Walls discovered by Elliot and Luke. Two new trad climbs were put up a week ago by Elliot and Dale Kodak Moment grade 15 & Pig Shootin grade 13, both lines up obvious cracks on the new wall with bomber pro. Also new pics added to the readers pics section, thanks to Joshua for providing them.

15th February 2004
Three new routes were completed at The Heights today. First off Kevin completed his project Solution One grade 17, a fun slabby climb with an interesting start getting easier by height. Rod then, after 15 or so attempts finally completed 93 Memorable Years, grade 19 which has one hard reachy move in the middle. Finally to finish the day Rod summitted The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocolypse grade 18, which had some fun committing moves. Josh turned up late and failed to summit his project after several good attempts
Website news, a new topo for Finger Pump Face at the stables was added, thanks to Stephen Hawkshaw for the topo.

8th February 2004
Rod and kevin visited The heights and on a very hot day managed to bolt three new lines, one on purgatory wall and the other two on the wall right of the big cave.
In website news a new guide is on the site, complete with topos for Pierces Pass, thanks to mike Law and Stephen Hawkshaw. Also a new route was reported for Mystery Rocks done back in 2002 by Matt Tait. It follows the lip of the big cave in Area R and weighed in at a hefty v7/8, making it the hardest route at the Crag. It remains unnamed. Thanks to Andrew Scott for the info.

28th January 2004
Elliot visited Mt K today to attempt his project on Moto Cross Wall. Having just returned from a succesful campaign on NZ limestone, hopes were high that it would get a send, but unfortunately the crimpy crux moves had other ideas. Luke Atkinson was not denied on his new trad route 5 metres to the left of Elliot's project and put up Guns, Germs and Steel, graded 15.

18th January 2004
An ambitious line was bolted by Josh at The Heights, to the right of BullAnt Wall, coming up he right side of the cave following the lip, it should make a nice addition top the crag. Rod top roped another possible line before it was time to call it a day.

2nd December 2003
New project completed at Moto Cross Wall by Vanessa. Petrified Wood grade 20, rated as a three star classic body smearing mantling painful fun, if you into that kind of thing.

15th November 2003
Pictures added for most of the climbs found on Moto Cros wall, which were taken and provided by Elliot.

9th November 2003
Vanessa got up her project today. A fun romp called Fossilized Thought, Grade 18. She also added a questionable line up the corner crack next to it A dream, Nothing More Grade 15. Two new lines were also bolted, one by Vanessa and one by Elliot.

19th October 2003
Two new projects were done today. Rod first up added Extinction Never felt So Good 17 on Moto cross wall, and Vanessa did her project on the same wall Life On Hold 18. Two more lines were also bolted on Moto Cross wall.

28th September 2003
Vanessa started the day trying out her new project on Moto Cross Wall but failing at the crux. Three new lines were also bolted on Moto Cross Wall. A new wall was scoped out down the hill which could yield a few more lines. Approx 20 metres high on solid orange rock the new wall Far Away Wall should yield a few classics.

21st September 2003
Vanessa bolted a hard project on Moto Cross wall before it started raining. After waiting around for an hour for the rain to cease, two more lines were top roped before calling it a day.

14th September 2003
The day started with a quick ascent of Vanessa's project on Fossil Wall, Legoland Grade 16. A nice amble up an obvious line on the right hand side of the wall. Rod then attempted to lay siege to his project next to it, with several attempts failing on the last move. Vanessa, jumped on to route and stepped left at the third bolt onto Legoland for a worth while variant called Elbow Abrasions Grade 16. The rest of the day was spent at Moto Cross wall top roping a few new lines, which will probably be bolted next visit. The new climbs have been added to the guide book on this site.

1st September 2003
Two projects were completed by Rod today on Fossil wall Mt Ku-ring-gai, Political Prisoner grade 17 and Captan Underpants and the Attack of the Wicked Wedgie Woman grade 18. They were both repeated by Vanessa to confirm the grades. Furthur along the wall two new projects were also bolted. All new climbs and projects have been added to the guide book with the completed climbs having picture links.

24th August 2003
New crag has started development in Sydneys North west and has been added to the site. The first route a grade 20, The Mind Has Mountians has been done by Vanessa.

5th April 2003
Access note to Stables are now public, as is the Crag. Also added some new info for Mystery Rocks thanks to Colin. Also added a new link for photographer in Tassy plus got rid fo a few dead links.

19th Febuary 2003
11 new problems added to Mystery Rocks taking the grand total to over 50 problems. All were done in late January/ early febuary, but I've been very slack in updating. Also added some photos of the walls for The Stables and added a new French climbing site to the links.

6th January 2003
Mystery visted by Andrew and Stephen today. Several new probelms were added including a new classic V4 by Stephen. The problems are Turbidity V4, Crap Off V0+, Crap On V0, Sketch Artist V1 & Palm Flapper V1. Lots of photos added to mystery guide as well.

5th January 2003
Mystery visted by Kevin, Rod and Stephen today. After much mucking about two new problems were finaly done, Cock Mobster V2 & Slip, Grate and Bounce V2. Several other new projects were added.

2nd January 2003
Andrew Secomb and P.Reynolds started of the new year with a flurry of activity at Mystery Rocks.. A productive day ended up with nine new problems added to the list they are, Gravy Train V2/3, Vine Wrangler V3, The Elipse V0, Cheese Sandwich V1, Full Piss V0, Dont Piss in my Pocket V0, Personality Graph V0, Sketchpad V0+ & Off Cheese V0+.