How to get to Pierces Pass.
Bladderhozen Butress.
Smegadeath Area.
Rigby Hill.
Walls Lookdown.
Samarkand Area.
Weaselbeger & Mirror Ball Area.
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Topo of Pierces Pass

Access is from the Bells line of road, there have been thieves in the area so don’t leave temptations lying about in your car. Some of the routes (Bladderhozen, Church of the Seven Samurai, most of the stuff at Wall’s Lookdown) face pretty much south and don’t see the sun. Other routes (Smegadeath, DiscoBiscuit, Samarkand, Weaselberger, Hotel California) get afternoon sun, so start early in summer.

Routes with a star are best, others are good too but may require more “grit”, trad gear, route finding or general climbing ability. Most routes need double ropes to get in ,and bolt plates. Even on ring bolted routed a few bolt plates can add to the belay’s comfort or security. Helmets are advisable, particularly on routes where others may be climbing or abseilling above.

For a copy of the complete area in Pdf file right click on the file link and select "Save As" PiercesPass4.pdf (2.64MB) Last Updated: 30th Mar 2006.

Thanks to Mike Law & Stephen Hawkshaw for this information.


1/ All climbs that have tape on the first bolt are to be considered projects and as such will not be climbed, also any climb noted as a project on the webpage guidebook shall not be climbed unless otherwise indicated.