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If you ask me there is a direct correlation between cost and comfort in a harness, but if you can't afford the bucks, here are a few suggestions. Firstly you can simply tie one with a cheap bit of 4 inch tape from your local climbing store where you could get enough for a harness from about $10, add a carabiner and you've got yourself a harness. It's cheap, it's nasty, with no padding and it will really hurt if you take a whipper, (if your going to lead i wouldn't recommend it) but it should be okay for the climbing gym, top roping or abseiling. Once i get some pictures I'll post a step by step guide on how to do it.

Since I haven't bought a harness for a while I asked the newsgroups for advice, and below are the responses I recieved,

Really depends on what they want it for. Really harnesses can start under $65 but that's your basic tape fully adjustable job. If they're looking for something with padding and gear loops prices jump to at least $140.
Submitted by: Andre at Snowgums Parramatta

The ones made in the Czech Republic are good, and you can get a full adjustable padded CE approved for about $110 at Mountain Designs,Bogong and other places probably. You can also get non padded adjustable ones starting at about $70.
Submitted by: Tim

The Singing Rock ones seem OK, not really well padded (mammut, arcteryx etc) but are comfy as the waist belt is seriously wide. Takes the price back from a "typical" $150 to $110 - $120. The very basic, unpadded, fully adjustable onse are $60-$80 and can have some great features such as the permanently threaded buckles which is a nice safety bonus for beginners. For the record I actually work for Mountain Designs (just to alery to any "vested interest") but also for a rockclimbing instruction and adventure trip company in SA, based on outdoor stuff.
Overall though.
Beginner / Harness to be used by anyone.. The safety buckles are very good (Vertical Harnesses and the Singing Rock Brio) and permit a huge range of people into them, cheap and serviceable... that why gyms and instructors use them... Comfy enough if well fitted,
Amature, getting into the gym and getting little serrious.. The extra dollars on comfort is well spent, though the size is a bit less versatile... Typicall wait sizes like 32-34, 34-36, .... So it will adapt for jeans, shorts, those lovely lycra pants etc. Some have adjustable legs (at extra cost) which helps the harness fit similar size men/women.
But mostly just hassle as many shops as possible and try them on, the best may be the cheapest (ask my fiancee) or the most expensive, but when you feel the right fit the "investment" is a bit easier. Most of us climbers stuck in shops are moer than happy to help (don't get lots of other climbing interested people thorugh) and I'd certainly rather get a happy customer at teh social level, even if the sale is next door on comfort reasons,, I hope they'll be back for the rope tho..
hope this helped some.
Submitted by: Darryl