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Welcome to The Betty Blue Guide Book.

This Crag is located at Thompson Point Nowra.

Only the new climbs are listed below, for all other climbs on the Topo see Rockclimbing at Nowra, By Rod Young

Jugzilla20m 27
Starts between pitet miam and speed boat, wankers. Up wall to stance (22) where belay is possible. Up the slab to roof and diagonally left through this to break. Traverse back right a little and up final head wall.
Mike Law Dec 2003

Funkenstein 25m 25/6
As for Jugzilla to roof then straight out and up left to rest. Final head wall would be harder if your short.
Stephen Hawkshaw Dec 2003

A Day at the Beast 25m 26
Starts at the top of a day at the beach and traverses left along the obvious break to the end of the cliff.
Mike Law 2003

Tickled Pink Potty Mouth Princess 18m 27 Continues from tickled pinks conclusion for a further 10m.
Mitch Warren 2003

?? 25m 27
Up wall to the right of still life.
Lloyd Wishart 2002

Exfoliator 10m 18
Up crack and then carefully up wall. A little loose up top.
Stephen Hawkshaw 2003

Girl Fingers 10m 19
Up wall using small holds.
Jessica Tam 2003